Ducks Work Together

Get your Ducks in a row. The DuckLink devices connect quickly and seamlessly to one another, expanding a wireless ad-hoc network to the location and scale that fits your needs.

Accessing the Network

Find the network as a WiFi network on your smartphone or laptop. A web page will pop-up automatically providing an opportunity to share information with others such as your location, name, needs, and a brief message.

How It Works


The DuckLink is the base wireless hardware device. The DuckLink provides simple networking capabilities like WiFi to connect to consumer electronics. DuckLinks communicate with other Ducks through long-range radio technology.


The PapaDuck is the gateway to the World Wide Web. PapaDucks take data permeating through the ClusterDuck network and forward that data to the OWL Data Management Software.


The Mamaduck is the central hub of the Clusterduck network. A single Mamaduck is an IoT LoRa device that connects to Ducklinks over long range.


The OWL Data Management Software is where you can visualize and monitor data on the ClusterDuck networks. Active transmissions and sensor data are available for administration here.

Ducks Around The World

Locations where Ducks have been deployed to date.

Join The Community

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