A Mobile Ad-Hoc Internet

The Clusterduck network is made up of "Ducks", small WiFi-enabled IoT devices in a 3D printed enclosure. A single Ducklink device can connect through WiFi to consumer electronics such as a phone or a laptop.

Ducklink Casing

Ducklink Casing with Exposed Electronics

Accessing the Network

Find the network as a WiFi network on your smartphone or laptop. A web page will pop-up automatically providing an opportunity to send information to first responders.

The Ducklink

A Ducklink is the base hardware unit of a Clusterduck network. One Ducklink is an IoT WiFi device that wirelessly connects to consumer electronics.

WiFi Ducklink Range: 0.2 mi2

5 Ducklinks Cover 1.00 mi2

The Mamaduck

The Mamaduck is the central hub of the Clusterduck network. A single Mamaduck is an IoT LoRa device that connects to Ducklinks over long range.

Mamaduck Range: 3.1 mi2

Mamaduck Services 5 Ducklinks

The Clusterduck

The Clusterduck is the complete network generated by a Mamaduck and her Ducklinks.

One Clusterduck covers 1.20 mi2

5 Clusterducks Cover 6.00 mi2